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In memory of the soldiers of the Greek Expeditionary Force who served in the Korean War

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The world would be a better place without wars but when people risk or lose their lives for their country
then their country is obliged to honor them by not forgetting their sacrifice.

The Outpost Harry Project was founded to ensure that the Greek soldiers of the Korean War, commonly referred to as "The Forgotten War", are not forgotten by their country or by the members of the United Nations who sent them to Korea. As this project has progressed we have embraced the memory of all who fought on Outpost Harry.

Why "Outpost Harry"? Because Greek soldiers defended Outpost Harry during the Korean War. The Greek soldiers who first saw Outpost Harry being attacked at night, whilst it was being defended by American soldiers, called it "Haros" (also known as Charon) after the ferryman, from ancient Greek mythology, who transported the dead to Hades. There are parallels with what happened in the Sieges of Outpost Harry (10/18 June 1953) and the Battle at Thermopylae (480 BC) fought by King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans almost 2,500 years earlier in Ancient Greece (and nobody will ever forget them).

Between the mornings of 16th and 18th June 1953 the Greeks on Outpost Harry were from Peter Company, Sparta Battalion (attached to the 15th U.S. Infantry Regiment). It is estimated that there were fewer than 100 men from four Platoons. Most of the men of the 4th Platoon of Peter Company provided supporting fire together with the Heavy Artillery of the G.E.F. and the 3rd Division of the 15th U.S. Infantry Regiment from the Main Line of Resistance (MLR) which was 425 yards behind the outpost. Three men from the 4th Platoon manned an 81mm mortar just behind the outpost (next to the path).

Yours faithfully,
Mike Pagomenos
Son of Outpost Harry Survivor
Founder of the Outpost Harry Project

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