Outpost Harry Project
In memory of the soldiers of the Greek Expeditionary Force who served in the Korean War

Support Us

There are currently three different ways to show your support for the work that we are doing:

(i). By buying a DVD of the last documentary made by Archangel Films. The DVD is called "The 11th Day" and it is an excellent documentary about the Cretan Resistance during the Second World War (bilingual English/Greek).

(ii). By buying the book "The Diary of a Greek Soldier in the Korean War"
(currently only available in the Greek language).

(iii). By sponsoring The Mnimi Foundation.

The Outpost Harry Project, and its founder, do not benefit financially from the sales of the above since all profits go directly to Archangel Films and the Mnimi Foundation, for the DVD and to the Greek Publishers for the book. However, every purchase will be a show of support for the work that we are doing.

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