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In memory of the soldiers of the Greek Expeditionary Force who served in the Korean War


8 November 2004 "The Diary of a Greek Soldier in the Korean War" was published in the Greek language (ISBN: 960-406-928-4).

19 December 2004 8:55pm 25-minutes length interview with the author of the journal on London Greek Radio (LGR).

8 March 2005 The Greek newspaper Kathimerini published an excellent review of the journal in their article "Korea, a Forgotten War".

30 November 2005 Treatment for a documentary supported by the original journal was submitted to a documentary film production company.

21 March 2006 Treatment for documentary, supported by the original journal, was accepted by Archangel Films in California.

18 April 2006 Work began on the Outpost Harry documentary film.

15/18 June 2006 Completed interviews of American Outpost Harry Survivors for the Outpost Harry documentary.

16/17 September 2006 Greek Outpost Harry Survivors Reunion and Memorial Service.

14/18 September 2006 Completed interviews of Greek Outpost Harry Survivors for the Outpost Harry documentary.

13 April 2007 Some Greek Korean War Veterans were briefly interviewed, including Outpost Harry Survivors, by Greek TV channel Alpha TV. Interest in interviewing Korean War survivors on the island of Crete was undoubtedly inspired by last year's Outpost Harry Survivors' reunion on the island.

18 April 2007 Annual report: A very productive and successful year. Commissioned the documentary with 200k US dollars of the projected 600k documentary production budget. Applied to relevant foundations for funding. Have received an offer for funding of distribution. The recreation for the documentary will be initiated when adequate production funding is secured. An interesting development that was made possible by this project was the establishment of The Mnimi Foundation in 2006. We also delivered, in September 2006, the only reunion of Greek Outpost Harry Survivors in 53 years.

12 May 2007 4:30pm The Greek Expeditionary Force in Korea (45 mins) documentary broadcast with excerpts of Alpha TV interviews.

14 June 2007 Report on the Greek reunion and progress on the documentary at the annual reunion of the Outpost Harry Survivors Association.

30 July 2007 Received offer for funding of production.

31 August 2007 Offer for 400k US dollars production funding confirmed.

8 December 2007 2:35pm 25-minutes length interview with Christos Epperson and Mike Pagomenos on London Greek Radio (LGR).

24 January 2008 The Mnimi Foundation achieved 501(c)(3) registered charity status.

29 February 2008 Completed translations of interviews of Greek Outpost Harry Survivors for the documentary.

18 March 2008 Members of Military Vehicle Collectors of California offered to bring original vehicles to the recreation.

31 March 2008 More than 200 people cast for the recreation with interviews held at the The California State Military Museum.

18 April 2008 Annual report: Recreation (that was scheduled for May/June 2008) was postponed due to delays in funding. The documentary could have been completed within 26 months, from start, with timely funding (and if the recreation had taken place in September/October 2007 would have been completed within 18 months).

30 April 2008 A spin-off of the Outpost Harry documentary is being directed/produced by, former realtor, Glenn Palmedo-Smith. The spin-off documentary would not exist or have been conceived without the prior work of the Outpost Harry Project and the Eppersons' work on the Outpost Harry documentary nor is it associated with the Outpost Harry documentary, although it is sponsored by a sponsor of our work. It is called "Hold at all Costs" and its website is at www.holdatallcosts.org. All interviews recorded for the Outpost Harry documentary were recorded on approximately 250k dollars worth of high-quality digital studio equipment (x2) hired specifically for the interviews unlike the spin-off where the interviews were recorded on a single Sony EX3 digital camcorder retailing at approximately 8,500 dollars. However, despite their low-budget approach and lack of experience with producing military documentaries, and their failure to respect, acknowledge or credit our former work and research, we wish them every success for the memory of all those involved at Outpost Harry.

18 April 2009 Annual report: Looking for new sources of funding. Can complete this documentary, with recreation, in less than six months on receipt of funding (scheduling of the recreation depends on a weather window).

24 December 2009 Offer for 100k US dollars production funding confirmed in writing. This partly funds completion of the Outpost Harry documentary and will be made available as soon as we receive written offers that fully fund completion of the documentary.

18 April 2010 Annual report: Have offer for 100k US dollars of production funding confirmed in writing. Looking for other sponsors to help complete this documentary.

18 April 2011 Annual report: No progress to report. Suspending reports till there is something to report. It is fully intended that this project is continued and completed at some point in the future.

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